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Christmas Child

OCC is underway and we will be collecting shoeboxes on Sunday, November 22nd. All you need to do is get a shoebox and follow the instructions at

Shoe boxes are amazing gift and here are some of things your gift does:

  • Blesses children with joy, hope, and love.

    Their shoebox is the first gift many children have ever received! The treasures and personal letters inside communicate that someone cares for them and give them an opportunity to experience the love of God.

  • Gives a church an effective outreach tool.

    Local churches use gift-filled shoeboxes as a tangible inroad for evangelism. The shoebox gifts allow them access to places they might never be welcomed otherwise.

  • Makes disciples through the local church.

    After receiving shoebox gifts, boys and girls are invited to enroll in The Greatest Journey, our 12-lesson discipleship program. They learn from trained local volunteers what it means to faithfully follow Christ and share their faith with others.

For more information on how a simple shoebox can change lives around the world visit Samaritan's Purse at

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