• The Day Is On The Way

    Our culture is focused on the here and now. What have you done for me lately … as in today, in the last hour. As Christ followers, we know this world is not our home. We are passing through on our way to our eternal home in heaven. The Bible teaches us the day of Christ Jesus is on the way. In this series, we are going to look at what God says to us in His Word about the day of Christ Jesus and why we have so much to look forward to as followers of Christ. Read More
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  • Spaghetti Lunch +

    Support our Overflow Students and each lunch at the church on February 22nd, immediately after the 2nd service. There is Read More
  • Spring 2015 +

    Our 2015 spring semester begins February 4th at 7:00 pm at CrossRidge Church. Dates: February 4th - May 6th Time: 7:00 Read More
  • DNow +

    Save the Dates: Februrary 13-14 For one weekend in January, students from all around the area will come to CrossRidge Read More
  • SEC +

    Oveflow students will be making their way to the Student Evangelism Conference (SEC) on January 16-17. Speakers and Worship by: Read More
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